Each season has its own beauty,
its reflections, its aromas.

And in each of our recipes we look for ingredients,
places and sensations that allow us
to enjoy all of this in each bite…




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It is through our eyes, and the camera as an element,
that we like to transmit that sensory quality that photography has.

Places, flavours, earthly emotions.
It reminds us of small great things,  which then endure over time. Details,
colors and moments that often pass by but connect us -for some unpredictible reason- with our soul.

“ Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.”
Jacques-Henri Lartigue


Production at Villa Raimonda.
March 19th. 2022.
Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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Photo product for SUD Olive Oil
March 2022.
Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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Collab for @Nectar 
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Is there any other source of inspiration,
vaster, clearer and more beautiful than travel?

Being able to travel, get to know each
small or large place and
nourish ourselves with its people,
its culture, its customs,
is for us the great adventure of life.

#1 - Venice - Italy 

#2 Paris - France

#3 Patagonia - Argentina


Someone used to say that there is no more sincere love than the love of food.
The drive to what taste and flavour is the elemental part of us;
it's who we are and it's what, as humans, make us unique, different.

For me food can connect us, tell us a story about it: why we eat, the way we eat.
Allows us to slow down and simply enjoy life.
Is the one common language, it doesn't matter whether you speak German, French or Spanish,
the one common language we have is food and that connects us all.




My name is Luciana Cartolano aka Liebelu,
a Food, Still Life photographer
based in Buenos Aires.

Available for photos for your website, big brands and small creatives,
travel and still lifes productions. 
If you are interested




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